Candy In Spanish – Pink Gummy Candy.

Candy In Spanish

Candy In Spanish – Pink Gummy Candy.

Candy In Spanish


  • of or relating to or characteristic of Spain or the people of Spain; “Spanish music”
  • The White-Faced Black Spanish is a Spanish breed of chicken. They are thought to be the oldest breed of fowl in the Mediterranean class. The British have records dating back to 1572 referring to this chicken. This breed was admitted into the American Poultry Association in 1874.
  • Of or relating to Spain, its people, or its language
  • the Romance language spoken in most of Spain and the countries colonized by Spain


  • a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts
  • (candied) encrusted with sugar or syrup; “candied grapefruit peel”
  • A sweet food made with sugar or syrup combined with fruit, chocolate, or nuts
  • sugarcoat: coat with something sweet, such as a hard sugar glaze
  • Sugar crystallized by repeated boiling and slow evaporation

candy in spanish

candy in spanish – AP Spanish

AP Spanish Language with Audio CDs (Advanced Placement (AP) Test Preparation)
AP Spanish Language with Audio CDs (Advanced Placement (AP) Test Preparation)
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Cotton Candy for sale in Nogales Sonora Mexico

Cotton Candy for sale in Nogales Sonora Mexico
Mexico Heroica Nogales Sonora a Mexican border town along side of USA Arizona border.

Nogales, Sonora, Mexico Information Center
1 Pesqueira Street Plaza
Nogales, Son, MX

Nogales, Sonora, Mexico English

Nogales, Sonora, Mexico Spanish
011 52 (000) 000-0000

Heroica Nogales , Sonora, Mexico

Sucking doesn't cause dependency

Sucking doesn't cause dependency
Since the Spanish smoking ban came into effect sales of Chupa Chups (a Spanish brand) have increased hugely. I’ve seen several of these with different "warnings" such as "sucking doesn’t kill" (sounds much better in Spanish or Italian).
*This packet is Italian

candy in spanish

Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird
Follow that bird Big Bird, of course for an imaginative, magical treat starring the cast of TVs Sesame Street in their first movie. Jim Hensons beloved characters Kermit, Oscar, Bert, Ernie and Cookie Monster plus other Sesame Street regulars join Big Bird in a big-hearted, cross-country adventure. A meddling social worker sends poor Big Bird off to live with a feathered foster family in Illinois. But try as he might, he doesnt fit in and runs away to return to Sesame Street. Can his old friends find him before he runs “afowl” of trouble en route? Be on the lookout and be there for big entertainment from guest stars Chevy Chase, John Candy, Sandra Bernhard, Waylon Jennings and more.

Follow That Bird is as much a journey through time as it is a romp past the Sesame Street stop sign. Curiously, the cast members–live ones like Gordon and Maria, not just the Muppets–have the timeless look to them. Only the cameos (by Sandra Bernhard, John Candy, and others) plus a few ill-conceived hairdos clue us in that this feature film was made in 1985. Otherwise, it’s all sophisticated Sesame humor and bighearted fun here as Oscar, the Count, and crew set off to rescue Big Bird, who’s on the lam from a family of adoptive dodos. Only one conceivable complaint: The latter crop of Street viewers may miss Elmo, who hadn’t been created when Bird first flew into theaters. –Tammy La Gorce